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Jack Flanagan Wins!
Good morning, everybody! Today is the big day. The NCAA men's...
Having Trouble?
If you're having trouble getting into the 2015 MYBA BracketMadness...
More MYBA Bracket Madness Details!!!
With 48 hours to go til tipoff, the tension is building! Over the...
  To All MYBA Players, Parents, and Friends,   Today,...
Last week, it was MYBA teams winning league tournaments and this...
Jack Flanagan Wins!

Good morning, everybody! Today is the big day. The NCAA men's basketball tournament officially kicks off and at 11:59:59 AM the 2015 MYBA BracketMadness pool will set its field, lock out all fence sitters and hem hawers, and set its sites on Indianopolis. Whatever you do, don't be a hem hawer!


Part of the fun has been naming a daily winner from our group of players. Today, it is Jack Flanagan who is lucky enough to receive a $50 gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods. Congratulations, Jack, and thanks for playing!


If you are having trouble getting into the pool, please hit reply to this email or email me at It is a fairly easy fix; he will just email you an invitation from the site and you'll be in. Just be sure to register with CBS Sports ahead of time so that you have an account. Registering on the MYBA site is so that you can pay and can actually be done after the tournament starts so don't worry about that part. Make your bracket the priority.


Thank you for supporting the MYBA. Enjoy the games!


by posted 03/19/2015
Having Trouble?

If you're having trouble getting into the 2015 MYBA BracketMadness pool, please feel free to reply to me and I will send you another invitation through CBS Sports. Already, we've had over 40 entrants, two prize winners (congrats Crockers and Carones!!!), and a whole lot of smack talking. One guy, who shall remain nameless, shared with me that he's picking Wisconsin to go all the way. I fought the urge to question the Badger defense and his sanity, knowing his choice only increases my chances of winning! My daughter has other plans though since she has her eye on an iPad. And my son has decided that Davidson is the Cinderella story this year. Who are you hanging your hopes on?!?


With 18 hours to go, I'll do what I can to help you get in if you're having a hard time finding the bracket. Just hit reply and let me know.




by posted 03/18/2015
More MYBA Bracket Madness Details!!!

With 48 hours to go til tipoff, the tension is building! Over the next two nights, everyone will be scouring the Internet for injury reports, reading up on all the last minute prognastications that all of those high-paid prognasticators are prognasticating, and just plain ol' hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. In all the craziness, be sure to remember to register, fill out your bracket(s), and pay. Here’s how:


Go to and click on the MYBA tab at the upper left hand corner of the website.

Go to Register Online.

Follow the steps to register each person submitting a bracket. 

Adults:  you will have to “add a child” to register yourself if you are not already listed on your family account.

If you do not have a CBS Sports account, you will need to click the following link:  and follow these steps BEFORE you can submit your bracket. 

Click above link (this will bring you to the CBS Sports website).

Click on Register account

Use your own email address (good for 4 people, if more than 4 people, you will need a second email address)

Use your own password

Follow the steps to register your family

 Then close out of this website, go back to this link and it will bring you back to the CBS Sports website directly to the MYBA bracket pool.

 Any questions, please contact Licia Ciotti at 203.464.4171 or


GOOD LUCK and thank you for supporting MYBA!!!

by posted 03/17/2015
To All MYBA Players, Parents, and Friends,
Today, you received via email an invitation to participate in the first-ever MYBA Bracket Madness event! This will be the league’s one and only fundraiser this year, replacing the $500 team donation and Kentucky Derby parties of the past.

If you need the invitation again, please email Randy Howe at The deadline for posting your picks is 11:00 AM on Thursday.

Enjoy this year’s NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, competing for cool prizes and bragging rights against your teammates, friends and all MYBA members.  Below is a glimpse of the prizes and an overview of how the MYBA Bracket Madness pool will work.  
-          There will be one pool, but multiple prize winners. 
-The first place finisher gets to pick his or her prize first, the next highest point earner gets to pick the next prize, so on and so forth...
-          Prizes:
o   2 iPads
o   2 mini iPads
o   2 sets of Beats Headphones
o   2 iPods
o   2015 – 2016 Free MYBA Registration Fee
o   10 Dicks Gift Certificates
o   DHHS and MYBA Gear
o   And many more prizes
How it will work:
-          Today, you received an invite to MYBA Bracket Madness.
-          Between now and this Thursday at 11:00 AM you must click on the link submit your brackets.
-          Each family can submit up to 4 brackets. 
-          Cost of entry:  $25 per bracket, payable via Paypal (details coming soon, but you will have until 4/2 to pay)
-      At the conclusion of the Tournament, we will announce the top adult and top child bracketologists, plus who won which prizes!
Join the excitement of MYBA Bracket Madness while supporting the Madison Youth Basketball Association. It's a win-win for everyone!

by posted 03/16/2015

Last week, it was MYBA teams winning league tournaments and this week it's all about conference championships and Selection Sunday. To go along with all that March Madness, for the first time ever... it's the MYBA Bracket Challenge!!!


This year's major MYBA fundraiser, there will be two pools for those who like to follow the NCAA men's basketball tournament from beginning to end. The kids will have a pool, with an entry fee of $30, and the chance to win all sorts of cool prizes! For the adults, it's a little more traditional. All you need is $50 and some college knowledge!


More details are soon to follow, but it's never too early to start studying up on diaper dandies and potential Cinderella stories. Any fool can pick Kentucky over Florida, but who knew that Dartmouth was going to rain on Yale's parade?!?! This isn't just about prizes or cash. Bragging rights will be at stake! Just remember, you've got to be in it to win it!!!

by posted 03/09/2015